Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for Golf Cart Repair Services

One of the best ways to build up a golf cart repair business is to find areas where golf carts are very prevalent near golf courses. Find out all the ZIP codes in the area and send out direct-mail marketing coupon packages to them.

Also ask the direct-mail marketing coupon package advertising representative to give you at least 1000 extra coupons or fliers. These can be handed out at the local golf clubs, Pro shops and gated community golf course homeowners association meetings.

Why does direct-mail and direct-mail marketing for golf car repair services work so well? It is because golf cart repair services often put coupons in these packages which allow people to bring their golf cart in for a free service evaluations and a discount on cleaning.

People who own golf carts know that they must clean the dried grass off the bottom of a golf cart or they could catch fire. Additionally they know it is important to upkeep the maintenance on the batteries and keep all the terminals clean.