Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for Car Clubs

Are you a car club organization and trying to get more people to join? Usually car clubs grow due to word-of-mouth and yet you need your first group of people in the car clubs so they can tell their friends. One of the best ways to get a car club going is to send out direct-mail marketing packages within a thirty-mile radius to all the zip codes near where the club meets.

If you send out direct-mail marketing coupon packages to all the people in the area with pictures on them of members cars and invite people to a local gathering in a parking lot you will find many people showing up just to see what it is about. Once they show up then you can talk with them and give them a form to fill out if they feel like joining.

We have found when building car clubs that this is one of the best ways to build them up quick and it does not cost very much. In fact if you will loan the club a $1,000 dollars to do the first mailing you will find that the number of people that that mailing brings back will most likely pay for the money you have spent and the club can pay you back.

Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for Golf Cart Repair Services

One of the best ways to build up a golf cart repair business is to find areas where golf carts are very prevalent near golf courses. Find out all the ZIP codes in the area and send out direct-mail marketing coupon packages to them.

Also ask the direct-mail marketing coupon package advertising representative to give you at least 1000 extra coupons or fliers. These can be handed out at the local golf clubs, Pro shops and gated community golf course homeowners association meetings.

Why does direct-mail and direct-mail marketing for golf car repair services work so well? It is because golf cart repair services often put coupons in these packages which allow people to bring their golf cart in for a free service evaluations and a discount on cleaning.

People who own golf carts know that they must clean the dried grass off the bottom of a golf cart or they could catch fire. Additionally they know it is important to upkeep the maintenance on the batteries and keep all the terminals clean.

Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for Racetracks

Racetracks are always trying to fill up the stadium with customers paying to see races. The trick for a racetrack is to get regular clientele, which comes quite often or even brings their whole family or guests. There are many ways for a race track to fill up their stands doing great public relations and promotions however, one of the best ways to ensure local clientele support or community and customer spirit is to send out direct-mail or direct-mail marketing coupon packages to every household within a 15 mile radius.

By sending to all the ZIP codes within a 15 mile radius the racetrack will get local clientele and if they achieve a worthy evening or event for the family or customer they are sure to come back and tell friends.

When designing direct-mail marketing coupons for racetracks; 2 for 1 offers are the best and tend to attract the most amount of people. Also by offering two free hotdogs and two free Cokes you will find even more people coming to the racetrack will be using those coupon.